“I was diagnosed with Lupus almost 4 years ago and I have tried many different remedies since then. I did not want to start on any medications due to the potential side effects. I tried altering my diet, getting enough rest, reducing my stress level (when possible) and trying different supplements. Nothing seemed to help for more than a few weeks. Then a friend recommended that I contact TrewBalance because he felt like (they) could really help me to heal. 

The very first time I spoke with (them), I instantly felt that (they were) concerned about me as a person and were going to help me figure out a plan to reduce my symptoms. 

My lupus flare ups caused my face to have pockets of fluid build up that would last for months. These pockets of fluid were very painful and red and raw. To say the least, I was unable to leave my home for weeks at a time and I was miserable. Trew Balance has been with me every step of the way to help me and was there to celebrate with me when I was able to call to let them know that I had not had any external symptoms since completing their course of treatment! I have been free of symptoms for nearly 11 months!! So grateful for TrewBalance!”    

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