William C

I just wanted to thank you for wonderful products. My dogs have never been happier to get around. I am also self treating skin cancer (granulomas anular) with much success thanks to you. I love your products. Read More

Jennifer F.

I was diagnosed with Lupus almost 4 years ago and I have tried many different remedies…Nothing seemed to help for more than a few weeks… Then a friend recommended that I contact Sheelah at TrewBalance because he felt like she could really help me to heal…I have been free of symptom for nearly 11 months!!

Lynn’s Story

Wound care patient after JUST 24 hours and ONE application!!! “Hi Sheelah, I wanted to show you a 24 hour photo difference. The 1st photo is of last night before putting the CBD Tar on the wound, 2 drops on top…

Conrad’s Story

Skin cancer – First picture was taken on the 1st day of use (8-30-17), 2nd picture was taken on the 19th day of use (9-17-17). The cancer was surgically removed on 9-18-17. Third picture was taken after stitches were removed.

Mike Short

So we got some killer news yesterday!! The Vet did another x-ray and the growth on Moab’s leg is gone. She said she has no explanation, she thought for sure it was cancer but she had never seen cancer just…


I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April this year, 2015.  After much research, I was guided to Trew Balance for treatment with cannabis.  After meeting with the doctor, Sheelah created the formula for my treatment dosage… At that time…

Kim Y.

I suffer from severe rheumatoid arthritis, so bad that I was unable to straighten my hands and bend my wrists for 6+ months. I was telling Kelly about the pain I was in and all the drugs my doctor was…


Hi ladies it was wound Dr. Day and they were so shocked at the healing process. All the doctor kept saying was “Wow! All the measurements are amazing.” They said last week you could put 3 fingers inside the wound and was…

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