Pure CBD, rose water, proprietary constituents made in the USA.

Trew Vision is formulated with CBD nanotechnology to provide the highest absorption rate of CBD in the industry, upwards of 90+%, which allows Trew Vision to be more effective than any CBD oil. It offers the most advanced CBD delivery for improved bioavailability and maximum benefit. Trew Vision’s formula is also designed to provide optimum delivery of the powerful CBD phytocannabinoids.

20mg of nano CBD – Compare to 250mg Pure CBD / 30ML Bottle



  • Protects from macular degeneration
  • Reduces the risk of diabetic retinopathy
  • Protects against computer radiation exposure
  • Acts as an optic nerve tonic to protect the eyes
  • Great antibacterial and antiseptic properties
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Excellent eye drops for relaxation
  • Protects from glaucoma
  • Helps in treating pink eye
  • Helps in treating sore eyes

Other active ingredients:

Rose Water – certified by the Bulgarian Government appointed laboratory at the Research Institute for roses, aromatic and medicinal plants and the ultimate rose authority in the world. Excellent for soothing eyes; with the work life stress on the rise, most people spend endless hours in front of a computer screen.  This along with environmental pollutions causing havoc on our eyes, Trew Vision is simply the soothing care your eyes need.  Tested pure and effective.

Administering and Dosing

The recommended dose varies on the medical diagnosis, sensitivity, body chemistry, and body weight.
Refrigerate to extend shelf life.
Often, the dose is 2-3 drops per eye per day.

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