Patient Advocate

Changing to a new career field was a game changer for me and my health. After ten and a half months on CBD I was able to ween off of all the synthetic medications I was taking, including fourteen pills and four insulins I had been taking since being diagnosed in 2000 with type 2 diabetes. I am a grandma of four boys. I have so much more energy since now, and I have a passion for helping our patients get and stay healthy. Better living through plants and not pills. Being a patient advocate, I am happy to share with all interested in learning more about CBD and how preventative action can make a difference in their current and future health. I have been living in Nevada for 34 years and love my patients from all around the country. I love teaching classes and educating those thirsty for knowledge. I enjoy being on this amazing Trew Balance team.

Contact: 844-TREW-222

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