Patient Advocate

Cindy is a survivor.  In her lifetime she has encountered multiple significant losses, but has maintained a passion to encourage others to move beyond and make choices that turn loss into gain.  Cindy will inspire you to choose to face your challenges, choose courage, choose to find hope – even in the midst of what feels like devastating loss, and look for blessings and promise instead.

Cindy raised and home-educated two daughters.  They were a very close trio until a tragic accident took the life of her youngest, Jessica at age 18.  She now serves as Founder and CEO for the Jessica Ann Faber Foundation, which commemorates Jessica’s passions and legacy.  Cindy’s passion is to help others overcome losses which become obstacles with her strong leadership ability and compassionate nature. Through her Cancer journey she has found healing using medical Cannabis paired with her positive outlook on life. Her hope is to motivate others to choose positively, find the inner strength we already possess to overcome loss in life, and become a survivor!

Contact: 844-TREW-222

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