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Cannabidiol Info

CBD’S Are only as good as what they are suspended in!!

CBD’s are lipids, (they cannot be suspended in a water-soluble without changing the molecular structure). So it only stands to reason companies would use fat/glycerin as a carrier for the CANNABIDIOL.

STOP THE MADNESS! Be informed, Ask Questions

1.) Solubles such as glycerin, MCT OIL (Medium Chain Triglicerides )and other fatty oils can and will exacerbate patient symptoms!! *Patient diagnosis such as Diabetes, Cancer, Gene Mutation, Epilepsy and other seizure disorders have cells that thrive on fat and sugar and allow them to split and divide on a much stronger and faster level! LOOK FOR CBD PRODUCTS THAT ARE SUSPENDED IN PURE PROTEIN! This will ensure safe dosing for any patient with dietary restrictions

2.) Beware Of Misleading Statements On Labeling! Cannabinoid And Cannabidiol Are Not The Same. Know The Difference Because This Matters. If the label says “Product contains 500mg” Ask 500 mg of WHAT? Look for specificity on ingredients. If it doesn’t say “500 mg of PURE CBD” chances are you are getting 500mg of CANNABINOID NOT CANNABIDIOL, which is what patients seek and comes from the Medicinal Part Of The Cannabis Plant.

3.) BEWARE OF FLAVOR ARTIFICE! Companies want to SELL, SELL, SELL, some at no matter to the patient. Beware of products that have artificial flavoring extracted from alcohol. For example; cinnamon or peppermint. The burning sensation under the tongue does not allow the patient to sustain for maximum benefit. Thus resulting in less absorption of CBD into the system and decreased relief for the patient. Look for a product that is ALL NATURAL! NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING OR SWEETENERS!! (Vegan-friendly is best)

4.) EXTRACTION REACTION! -Find a company that spares no expense for clean extraction. (critical CO2 for example). Many companies use ALCOHOL, BUTANE, ETHER, EVERCLEAR and other harsh chemicals to extract the maximum CBD for the least amount of money. Trace amounts of chemicals remain in the product. ANY amount of ETHER in your system is too much. These are poisons and chemicals not meant for human ingestion.

For more information or complimentary educational classes for your team, Please reach out to a Trew Team Member: 928.474.9214

Liposomal Technology

Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET) is the newest delivery method used by medical researchers to transfer drugs that act as healing promoters to the definite body organs.

This form of delivery system offers targeted delivery of vital compounds to the body, making it an excellent new tool for supplements used in adrenal fatigue treatment. It has been in existence since the early 70’s. Due to the excellent transference capability of LET, some manufacturers of topical moisturizers and beauty products have patronized it.


The astounding effects and advantages derived from LET, such as those used for fatigue treatment, is why a number of nutritional companies are now utilizing this technique in the oral delivery of dietary supplements.

The advantage of LET over the others is that it allows a nutrient to carry power packed and non-decomposed natural compounds to pinpointed tissues and organs. Even though doses are reduced 5 to 15 times less than normal supplement intake, the delivery system’s effectiveness is not changed. This reduction is both medically and economically significant.

Normal passage of tablets and capsules and the topical transfer of nutrients are affected by environmental conditions such as moisture, oxygen and other unfavorable factors. The nutrients are more likely degraded by the presence of enzymes in oral and esophageal digestive juices prior to being absorbed into the body. In addition, binders, fillers, gelatins and sugar are food additives that affect the absorption process. This partial assimilation caused by the incomplete disintegration of the tablet or capsule is a serious problem.


Substances are shielded by LET from the devastating and threatening results, which are likely to take place within the gastrointestinal passage. 


Liposomal Encapsulation employs a phospholipid liposome to construct a defense that repels the negative activities of the digestive juices, alkaline solutions, salts and free radicals of the body. The duration of this protection lasts from the moment the nutrients are on their way towards the gastrointestinal tract until the contents have reached the target tissue and are immediately taken in by the cellular structure and transferred into the intra-cellular space.


A majority of the liposomes in the LET are composed of phospholipids. All bodily cells contain a protective membrane consisting of phospholipids. This substance is required by the body to grow and function.

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