“I have struggled with insomnia for 20 years, and nothing seemed to help me sleep. I prefer to not take prescription medication, as staying completely natural is very important to me. Nonetheless, I even tried to take some of the prescribed medications (at a much lower dose) – to no avail. Not being able to sleep and give my body a chance to regenerate, on the cellular level- was taking a tremendous toll on me and was affecting every facet of my life. I felt miserable, and did not see any possibility of improvement…until a friend from church pulled me aside and recommended that I look into Trew Balance and their all-natural products. Particularly, the sleep gummies, she said- would certainly improve my condition. I did my research, and started taking my daily regimen of the 500 GOLD tincture, as well as the sleep gummies. I took my first “dose” 3 and a half months ago and have had only 3 bad nights, since then! I love that they are all natural, and that none of the ingredients or their side effects are harmful. I’m so grateful that I found Trew Balance.”

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